"Lakkautettu kylä / A Closed-Down Village" - Anne-Mari Kivimäki

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    Anne-Mari Kivimäki
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    Kihtinäjärvi Records
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    Kihtinäjärvi Records

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Lakkautettu kylä (A Closed-Down Village) musically explores Finnish WWII evacuees, wartime, leaving one’s home and the current reality in the Karelian village of Suistamo that used to be part of Finland but now belongs to Russia. The music has been inspired by the life and the stories told by the Karelian storyteller and
accordion player Ilja Kotikallio (1894-1961)


Anne-Mari Kivimäki


Anne-Mari Kivimäki Lakkautettu kylä

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Kaivos (Mine)

com. Anne-Mari Kivimäki

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