Anne-Mari Kivimäki
The Wheel of Time album


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  • artist:Anne-Mari Kivimäki
  • featured artist:Kivimäki Anne-Mari
  • region:Scandinavia
  • release year:2013
  • style(s):Folk, Techno
  • country:Finland
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Kihtinäjärvi Records
  • label:Kihtinäjärvi Records
  • publisher:Kihtinäjärvi records


The music of this album is archaic, Karelian techno music. The music has been collected and arranged from the Suistamo series first concert The Wheel of Time and the Groan Box, which was premiered in April 2013. The Suistamo series is a part of the artistic doctoral thesis that Kivimäki is doing in the Sibelius Academy (The University of the Arts Helsinki) under the title Suistamo – The Laboratory of Tradition. Kivimäki have composed the music for the Wheel of Time concert in a story-driven manner. The music has been inspired by the life and the stories told by the storyteller and accordion player Ilja Kotikallio (1984-1961).

As instruments on this album Kivimäki use Russian two-row Notka accordions and her own voice. The sound design of the Wheel of Time concert was done by electronic folk musician Eero Grundström. He also co-arranged some of the music with Kivimäki. The artistic directors of the concert, academician Marjo Kuusela and accordionist Maria Kalaniemi, are both recognised as top names of Finnish art.