Kihtinäjärvi Records

Mäkikatu 16
33250 Tampere

Kihtinäjärvi Records represents and publishes Finnish music.

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participating in

  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2013
stand number WOMEX 17: 225-227, 234-236

company description

Kihtinäjärvi Records represents and publishes Finnish music. Kihtinäjärvi takes care of the following artists: Suistamon Sähkö, Puhti and Anne-Mari Kivimäki & Palomylly.

Kihtinäjärvi in Womex 2016:
Artist Manager Taito Hoffrèn: Suistamon Sähkö
Record label and management Anne-Mari Kivimäki, Reetta-Kaisa Iles: Puhti, Anne-Mari Kivimäki & Palomylly




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