Kilema Madagascar

artist- composer

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  • Kilema



The sunny island Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa nurtures amazing music!

Born in Toliara(Southern Madagascar), kilema began playing with local bands and building rustic guitars with strings made from bicycle brake cables at the age of 12.

After getting a degree in English studies at the Ankatso University, he went “ pro” as a vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, performing with the likes of the Justin Vali Trio under the aegis of Peter Gabriel´s Real World label.(Main womad festivals between 1993-1997).

Kilema forms his own band in 1997 and his first solo album “ Ka Malisa” was released in 1999 distributed by Harmonia mundi and the second “ Lavi-Tany” in 2004 by ventilador music.”Mena” will be released before next Womex 2007.

He now resides in Encinarejo-Cordoba , Spain and regularly tours with his brother Nesta and Spanish musicians, Manuel Luque and Jose Salgado, spreading good vibes and love with their infectous and joyful music.

Clement( “ Kilema” in Malagasy) is a master of the Marovany , Kabosy and Katsà(native instruments ) and carries the magical, rhythmic soul of Madagascar wherever he goes.

Main womad stages with the Justin Vali Trio: Womadelaide, Aoeteroa Festivalin New Zealand,Reading Festival, Africa Oye,Woodstock 25th Anniversary ,etc...
Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia),
Small Nations Festival (Wales), Ittiritmi (Sardinia),Kulturnatten(Sweden),
Central Park Zoo (New York ),Joe´s Public Theater(New York),Creative Alliance Patterson(Baltimore USA),Journées des 5 continents(Switzerland),Ethnic Music Festival ofChiclana(Spain),FaroWorldMusicFestival(Portugal),
Doo Bee Festival( Japan), Caisa Cultural Center( Helsinki),Dromos& Emmas Festival (Sardinia), Etno suonni(San Marino),Etnosur,Getxo Folk,Territorios,Etnimalaga...(Spain),
Son de Festa,Etnosul...(Portugal),etc..

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