"Lullabies from the Axis og Evil" - Various

  • artist:Various
  • featured artist:Knut Reiersrud
  • release year:2004
  • style(s):Ethnic, Traditional
  • country:Norway
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Kirkelig Kulturverksted AS
  • label:Kirkelig Kulturverks

Having been involved in 300 record-productions, most of them as a producer, I would like to give you the following message:

I have very seldom taken part in projects of which I truly can say that they changed me as a person. It might have happened four or five times before. Now it has happened again.

The album contains 14 lullabies from Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan and Cuba. Every lullaby is presented in its original form sung by women from these countries, and then a western version with interpretations in English sung by singers like Nina Hagen (Germany), Eddi Reader (Scotland – Fairground Attraction), Sarah Jane Morris (England), Lila Downs (USA/Mexico) and Mimi (USA) is attached to it, within a musical landscape composed by Knut Reiersrud. Thus the record forms 14 small musical bridges between east and west.

In the world of today, there is a need of the power of lullabies. They are more reliable than most of the hits we find on the charts these days. They will remain when most of the digital dust from the porous music business has fallen to the ground. They are the point where the cultures and civilisations of the earth meet each other, or rather the common starting-point from which they grow into diversity.

In the world of today the lullabies are more sustain than the weapons of Bush and Al-Qaida.

But it is not a given fact that all people hear them. It is not a given fact that the mothers’ voices are heard at all. Most of what the media brings us is the language of power, generally spoken by men.

Good music has a great value! It has the ability of changing people’s attitudes and minds. People who bring about and sell music do an important job in the world today! You know your audience, and how to reach them. This is a work of peace.

Erik Hillestad