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Kissmet - Buzz on stage in Ireland, Festival of World Cultures, Main Stage
Kissmet - Performing outside the Salisbury Cathedral, England, UK
Kissmet - Dhol and Bass on stage
Kissmet - Ron Singing to the crowd
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Kissmet is a London based world music band set up by two UK born and bred Sikh brothers who have taken traditional Punjabi folk music (Bhangra) from the fields of India and fused it seamlessly with western Rock music (Led Zeppelin, Cream, Hendrix). The result is an exciting rollercoaster ride from the East to the West, a breathtaking experience which allows the audience to sing, dance and collaborate with the band to create something new, energising and unique every time.

Singing in four different languages (English, Punjabi, Hindi and Sanskrit), and using a complete mix of Indian and English instrumentation, the Singh brothers have performed at all the UK's largest events, throughout Europe (Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic), in South America (Mexico, Colombia) and Asia too. The band headlined the Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia and will be travelling back to Malaysia for further performances. 2012 will take the band to Canada, America, Norway and South East Asia.

The band has performed alongside The Dhol Foundation, Afro Celt Soundsystem, Asian Dub Foundation, Dhoad Gypsies, Baka Beyond, Talvin Singh, along with many others. The Singh brothers can also deliver workshops in Dhol, Tabla (Indian percussion instruments), Harmonium, the history of Bhangra and East West Fusion tip.

The band is looking to add to their international dates for 2012/2013 and are looking to work with festivals and organisations that want bands to interact, involve and engage their audiences, taking them to places they never thought possible. Just look at the videos to see how Kissmet can develop an atmosphere and vibe like no other artists.

So, bookings for 2012/2013 are taking place now. We look forward to hearing from you or meeting up with you at Womex.

Ron Singh
0044 7931 325838
Skype Name: Kissmetband

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A Storm in the Rainforest:

Kissmet - Rainforest gig:

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