PERSONIFIED: "When I am at the show, it's like listening to my homeland songs and stories - except that it is not my homeland..."

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GREAT COHESIVENESS WITH THE AUDIENCE - because Klezmofobia is a band of mature and experienced musicians who with calmness and patience feel connected with their audience and will always adapt and achieve audience at eye level!

KLEZMOFOBIA pander to their audience in the sense that the band gives from everything they contain of emotion and musical depth, and with their honesty they connect themselves and the audience into one common force where all expressions, emotions and moods are allowed. Through that process the venue becomes a creation of a common experience where everyone gathers in an intense force field.

KLEZMOFOBIA have in 2013 nine years of history and 3 albums in the back. The band tours worldwide, and as the different events require different adjustments in KLEZMOFOBIAS show they calibrate their different musical expressions into that essence of what KLEZMOFOBIAS progressive music expresses anno 2013.

KLEZMOFOBIA is a band of people who dares to break down genres and carry the genres further than they initially expressed – in their origin. It is a band that is so experienced and rich in inspiration, and with that experience they circumvent cultural dogmas on their own terms and drives klezmer tradition one step further, perhaps even further and wider than the tradition allows in its own reproduction – and with fully respect to that tradition!

KLEZMOFOBIA develops and adapts its ever-expression to the trends of the current trends as an indicator of what the general human feelings and meanings express - and largely how they are expressed. KLEZMOFOBIA endeavours to be a manifestation of late modernity, where phenomena and traditions change by being split and then re-assembled in a new and reviewed meaning. Elements from many cultures are available and free distributed; it is up to the individual to create and embed elements in its own unique expression of who you are.

That’s why KLEZMOFOBIA gather themselves and their audience in a deep mutual understanding and leaves an authentic and empathetic feeling that everyone can participate - no matter who you are, how old you are, what you grew up with, and what experiences you otherwise have...

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  • WOMEX 2013
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