Balkan Breakz at it's best!
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  • country:Serbia
  • region:Eastern Europe
  • style(s):Balkan, Drum and Bass
  • label:not signed
  • type:DJ/Remixer
  • gender:male
  • artist submitted by:Kocar, Ines

Line up

  • Milan Djuric (studio: programming, vocals, woodwinds, keyboards,)
  • Uros Petkovic (studio: programming, scratching, keyboards, guitar)


Balcan Breakz - live act

The Shazalakazoo collective is a Belgrade production duo formed by Milan Djuri&263; (studio: programming, vocals, woodwinds, keyboards, guitars; live: computer, midi-controllers, vocal) and Uros Petkovi&263; (studio: programming, scratching, keyboards, guitars, violin; live: computer, turntables). They mix electronic beats with eclectic music of the Balkan and beyond.

Their Balcan Breakz are fully computerized music, with the prevailing nu skool breakbeat rhythm and bass line patterns. This basic rhythm structure is overlaid with either folk samples or folklore-inspired themes played using MIDI controllers. These rhythms, harmonies and melodies are a unique blend. Their origins lie in various Slavic, Gypsy, Vlach, Greek, Romanian and Albanian streaks, or in cultures having substantial influence in the region - Persian, in the Arab world, Turkophone and Francophone worlds, German and Italian-speaking cultures, and finally in Anglo-American global culture which, among other things, brings echoes of cultures distant to the Balkans.

The band started in 1996 as a four members band, but transformed in size and shape in 1998. The remaining two members started playing electronic music instead of acoustic and in 1999 their first piece Mehanizam saw the light of day.

Since then they have performed at various festivals: EXIT Festival (Novi Sad, Serbia), Aprilski Susreti Festival (Belgrade, Serbia), SeriousPop Festival (Vienna, Austria), Media Mediterranea Festival (Pula, Croatia), Karantena Festival (Dubrovnik, Croatia), Underwater Overground Festival (Sibenik, Croatia), Urban Fest (Osijek, Croatia), Lift Club Fest (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Terminal00 BalkanArt Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Golden Drum Advertising and Media Meeting (Portoroz, Slovenia).

Shazalakazoo tracks were released at various compilations: Belgrade Coffeeshop (B92, Serbia), Mute Magazine (Fallout Records, UK), Bombardiranje New Yorka (Listen Loudest Records, Croatia) and Media Mediterranea (Metamedia, Croatia).

They also hosted a radio world music show broad-casted by the Belgrade Radio SKC, for five years, until the closing of the radio station in early summer of 2006.

At the moment Shazalakazoo is a resident DJ team at Belgrade's Cvijeta Club.

The intention of the Balkan Breakz is simple: it isn't meant to be art; it is simple entertainment like the music of its countless predecessors. The music changed through time, but its essence remained the same: less talking, more dancing, and tomorrow is a new day. Some other influence, some other form to embrace. So let's dance