Global Shtetl Band

Global Shtetl Band
Global Shtetl Band
  • country:Germany
  • style(s):Klezmer, Latin
  • label:not signed
  • artist submitted by:Kramer Artists


Do the Yiddish Mambo!

New York, Miami, Havanna, Buenos Aires, in the middle of 20th century:

The music of the immigrants from Eastern Europe meets the musics of America -- a new, hot blend of Eastern European folklore, Yiddish music, and latin American rhythms is developing and heating up the dancefloors from the Catskills to Miami Beach.

The global shtetl band picks up this exciting tradition of the "Mamboniks" and transforms it with Chuzpa, virtuosity and outrageous playing into a music of the new, globalized millenium.

Fresh, fascinating, beyond well known paths -- the music of the global shtetl band is a yourney through Latin American, Eastern European and Yiddish music.

Programme: global shtetl band plays kukaratshas

kukaratshas –yiddish mambos, latino-klezmer, hasidic reggae….

In the 1930s Latin American rhythms blended with Yiddish lyrics were extremely popular among Jewish audiences from Argentina to Cuba, from New York to Eastern Europe. Jevel Katz caricatured his fellow Yiddish speaking Argentinian countrymen in his songs, Irving Fields wrote „Miami Beach Rhumba“ about a Jewish immigrant dancing with the „senyoritas“, and the mamboniks of New York City danced to recordings like „Mazel Tov Mis Amigos“ or „Raisins and Almonds Cha Cha Cha“.

But global shtetl band does not limit itself to the interpretation of these songs and dances.

The band's musical director, Markus Milian Müller, has evolved as an outstanding Yiddish songwriter of the younger generation, a "great talent that is causing a furore all over Europe" (The Yiddish Forward, New York). The songs of the Jews from Latin America are an inspiration for him to write brand new songs that tell about the Yiddish language and culture blossoming and living far from their Eastern European roots.

global shtetl band plays their unique musical mixture in a trio format with accordion, percussion, vocals, double bass, ukulele, … with great depth and infectious groove. With a seemingly small instrumentation, the three musicians create an entire mambo orchestra (including choirs…).

Klezfest London (UK) – Klezkanda Festival (CN) – Jewish Cultural Congress, New York (USA) – National Yiddish Book Center, Amherst (USA) - Jüdischer Salon, Hamburg - Artbreit Festival, Marktbreit – Klezmerfestival, Fürth – Bardentreffen, Nürnberg - Theater im Viertel, Saarbrücken - Schlachthof, Wiesbaden – Hades, Lublin (PL) – Synagoga Zamosc (PL) – U Fryzjera, Kazimierz Dolny (PL) – Rheinische Klezmernacht, Bonn - u.v.a.