Rüdiger Baldauf & Band

Rüdiger Baldauf & Band
Rüdiger Baldauf
  • country:Germany
  • style(s):Fusion, Jazz
  • label:Edel
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Kramer Artists


"Ruediger Baldauf's album "Own Style" is one of those rare and beautiful cases when jazz lovers and non-fans are in agreement; cool music, excellent playing, top-class production, and "very sexy" overall."
Bestselling author Frank Schaetzing's clear and enthusiastic verdict is beautifully reflected by the meteoric rise in Ruediger Baldauf fans.
Arguably one of the most versatile trumpet and flugelhorn players in the business, Baldauf proves that jazz is as diverse and expansive as the people who play it with his solo debut "Own Style".
For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of hearing the sonic fireworks that he ignites with his top band live on stage, it is all presented here in this sensational CD/DVD package
After only a few bars of the "Trumpet Night - Live" CD/DVD, you'll be caught up in the fantastic atmosphere of a Baldauf concert. The CD/DVD recordings were made in the summer of 2011 at a concert in Cologne's "Alten Pfandhaus", and give you first-hand experience of Ruediger Baldauf and his star guests Ack van Rooyen, Joo Kraus and Andy Haderer making the air pulsate with their sounds. When you hear what this creme de la creme of brass and rhythm sections brings to the stage, you'll wish you'd been there
(And for those who were there, what a way to remember a great live experience)

For many years, my life as a musician has moved between two extremes. On the one hand, there is studio playing, where you usually only meet some of the other musicians. Each person plays their part on a different day in a different place, and you don't make music at the same time together. The other hand is the complete opposite; all together on stage in front of a live audience Since the release of the studio album "Own Style", we have played many concerts together with a partly changing line-up that brings something new to every concert. It had also created a desire to capture and record this live atmosphere. My guests for "Trumpet Night" were soon lined up. My longtime friend Joo Kraus has helped to shape my musical tastes, and so it was clear that he had to be there. I am very proud that I managed to win Ack over for this concert. He's as great a man as he is a musician, and I love his subtle sense of humour... I have played together with Andy for 25 years now. He surprises me time and again with his brilliance as a trumpet player and musician. I'd newly arranged some of the pieces from the "Own Style" album for the evening, and they received an extra boost from the magnificent live atmosphere. So that my guests could decipher my scribbled notes, everything was copied out again. While doing so, my friend and copyist "Angie" Frank Engel played me a Keith Jarrett improvisation of "Over the Rainbow". This led to the idea of rearranging the improvisation for 4 trumpets and a contrabass; on the same day, Angie finished the arrangement and I could take it straight to rehearsals. The band Guitarist Bruno Mueller had a few days off between his concerts with Mezzoforte, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Thomas Quasthoff. He brought his composition "Topspin" with him, which fitted perfectly into the programme. Marius Goldhammer on bass had played along with Own Style many times and provided incredible input. Keyboardist Martin Sasse had just been back a day after a tour with Sting. I managed to persuade him to join anyway. The team of Mario Garruccio (drums) and Heiko Himmighoffen (percussion) was of course already well known to me after many live gigs together. Mario is as precise as a Swiss clockwork, and yet not so similar, as you would expect from an Italian... In addition to his magnificent solos, Himmi always manages to support the whole musical idea. With Niels Klein on tenor saxophone, I had an old friend at my side with whom I had played together for years in the Heavytones - a real rock As the Altes Pfandhaus in Cologne is both a very prestigious and also a very unusual venue for jazz concerts due to its stage arrangement, I immediately had the idea to record the DVD at this unique location.