William White

William White
  • country:Barbados
  • style(s):Pop, Reggae
  • label:Galia White
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter, pop group
  • artist submitted by:Kramer Artists

Line up

  • Chrigel Bosshard (Drums & Backup Vocals)
  • Mark Brazil  (Percussions, Keys & Backup Vocals)
  • Olivier Magarotto (Keys)
  • Rodrigo Aravena (Bass & Backup Vocals)
  • Roman Weissert (Saxophone & Flute)
  • Sacha Unger (E Guitar & Backup Vocals)
  • William White (Vocals & Accoustic Guitar)


Carribean roots – original and authentic

He was born in Barbados in 1973. “It was the time when travelling around the country was infused with music; you were hearing Bob Marley & The Wailers blasting from the rum shop around the corner, a little bit further down the road Marvin Gaye’s tunes sounded from the window, followed by Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield and Jimmy Cliff”, he reminisces. At the age of twelve he picks up the guitar for the first time and starts to write songs. At the age of nineteen he moves to Switzerland, his mother’s home country, and decides to launch his career as a soloist and professional musician.

And he is successful! Repeatedly making it into the top ten of the album charts, his albums get gold status. The latest (fourth) album was recorded with Jamaican producers and musicians in Jamaica. With a mix of Folk, Funk and Soul, White’s music sometimes has a hint of Lenny Kravitz, other times a hint of Jack Johnson in it, but always keeps its own, distinctive style. “My aim is to create music that burns itself into the heart”, he explains. He is a gifted song writer and singer, who writes songs in which the message is just as important as the catchy melodies and groovy beats.

White has been performing on stage as a solo artist for more than ten years and gives live concerts with all kinds of formations. Sometimes as a septet, sometimes as soloist or semi-acoustical quartet. No matter in which formation – his performances buzz with energy!

“William White and his band are one of the best live acts in this country!”
Presse divers

Bio William White

William White was born and grew up in Barbados. At the age of nineteen he went to study in Winterthur in Switzerland, where his mother comes from. He works part-time as a waiter, as song writer and as the singer of the band Liz Libido. He releases two albums with them. In the end he quits his studies to fully commit himself to his music. His first solo album Undone was released in 2005. With his song The Rock he had previously won a song writer competition in the USA. Afterwards he toured with his band The Emergency as support act for the Moneybrothers, the Jon Butler Trio and Ben Harper. His second album Evolution resulted in his breakthrough in Switzerland. He reached the top ten of the album charts.