"Ninkale – Let Me Be" - Yvonne Mwale

Yvonne Mwale


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  • artist:Yvonne Mwale
  • region:Southern Africa
  • release year:2014
  • style(s):Afro, Jazz
  • country:Zambia
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Krämer Production
  • label:Art of June Recordings
  • publisher:Yvonne Mwale
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In May 2014 Yvonne Mwale has completed inf Frankfurt (Germany) the recording of her new album. On this album she managed to manifest her unique musical signature.

While the debut album "Kalamatila" was still made from diverse stylistic influences, the 25-year-old songstress managed to create on the end of June released album "Ninkale – Let Me Be" a great combination of her powerful and yet smooth voice and the music of the black Blues and Jazz with elements of traditional gospel songs and spirituals.
Yvonne manages not to let their African roots within this style elements perish, but binds them skillfully in her songs and permits them a well balanced coexistence.

With her ​​latest work Yvonne Mwale presents fourteen titles, all of them written and composed by herself. In these fourteen songs she talks about her life, reflects on her history and origin, accuses and gives. And she has to tell a lot – at the age of 12, she lost both her parents and had for some time to live on the streets in the Zambian capital of Lusaka.

Sonically, the arrangements do not only become alive from her your exceptional voice, which has often been compared to Erykah Badu, Tracy Chapman, Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, but also on the decision to include only original vintage instruments. So it was that for the recording in Frankfurt’s "Art Of June" studios next to the grand piano among other instruments, a genuine Wurlitzer 200, a Fender Rhodes and a Leslie organ stood together - for lovers of these instruments a rare sight. For all other also a very special sound experience.

For her album recording Yvonne Mwale managed to win high profile musicians: the guitar was plays by Sir Jones Kabanga who already toured around the world with numerous productions and has just been awarded for the third time as best lead guitarist in the national Music Awards in Zambia. The percussion is masterfully handled by Mohamed Twaba Omar, who is also responsible for numerous traditional instruments and traveled all the way from Tanzania. The group is completed by pianist Andreas Hillesheim (grand piano and vintage pianos), known from his performances with the German Pop group “Glashaus” and his TV appearances at “Voice Of Germany”. Xavier Naidoo’s bass player Robbee Mariano (bass guitar and upright bass) and the drummer Moritz Müller (“Glashaus”, “Moses Pelham”) completed the crew.

The result is a pure listening pleasure that through the interaction of the concert musicians gives the listener a sound experience that as a whole comes close to the live experience.