Zengö about Zengö: Our group was forged together from a common love of each other and of folk music. We seek relevant contemporary forms for the treasures of traditional music. The interpolation of the dynamic, tight-knit rhythms and the dense sound of this musical world into contemporary sound proves an exciting challenge. The appearance of the dance inserts in the musical pieces bears witness to the high level of this culture and its timeliness for the modern stage.
The group, which was founded in 1983, has appeared many times on radio and TV, produced records. Besides collecting, teaching and arranging folk-music, the group have performed in concert halls and festivals at home and abroad.
Theater Marcel Paul - Bordeaux; Tempodrom - Berlin; Folkpodium - Leuven; Deutsches Theater - Müchen; Prinsentheater - Groningen; Haus der Kulturen der Welt - Berlin
Morecambe, Bath, Sidmouth, Waltrop, Nürnberg, Plauen, Rudolstadt, Peer, Hallein, Linz, Kaustinen

The press
The source of all music can be found in the soil, the streams, mountains, and the tales that, ancient though may be, still provide a message for today. WE are touched by the rich ornamentation and rhythm of the dance tunes, the alternate softness, wildness and warmth of the devil's music. The music performed by Zengő achieves in but a second an atmosphere of bewitchment. They know the knack of gripping us, whether from a stage or from a recording… with ability, autenticity, energy and proud.
Yves-Marie Denniel

They completed their studies in the school of conscious propagation of folk music, and can perfectly reproduce the sounds of Transsylvania and Moldavia. They are able to fell and enter fully into the characteristic style and nuances of Transdanubia. Their record rises above other of Dance House and living folk music in its self-inflicted demands, artistic fidelity and systematic arrangement of its material.
Imre Olsvai Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The group has become deeply engrossed in studying the folk music of Transdanubia and has expertly repieced together a selection of Somogy leaping dances and chardash dance music.
This rough, hard but attractive ancient music is played with a persuasive peculiar power by the Zengő Folk Ensemble.
Bertalan Andrásfalvy – Minister of Culture

Their concert is real and unique experience, in which the Hungarian temperament exhibited itself in unbelievably dynamic, powerful music punctuated by the visual potency of accompanying dance motifs. Those expecting lumbering peasant dances are pleasantly surprised. The performance of the ensemble’s dancer demonstrates an exceptionally high level of artistic quality, and shows us the natural limitations of our own folkdance groups.
Gebhart Kleiner – Würzburg

A spontaneous course in Hungarian folkdance, to be enjoyed by young and old alike. The leader of the dance begins by stirring a desire to participate, by performing the first, simple lively steps…all eyes are fixed upon his feet. Such a joy of life implanted by this entertainment that soon the entire room is on its feet and dancing. The atmosphere provided by Dance House is one not readily forgotten. That I can promise!
Mabel – Tempodrom, Berlin
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