The KutiMangoes - 5 time Danish Grammy Nominee Afrobeat/afrojazz

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The KutiMangoes -
Afro Jazz’ hottest newcomer (Jetset) live at womex 2017:

Stand 222 (besides the danish stand)

SHOWCASE Th. 26. 23:15 ICC

5 time Danish Grammy nominee
winner "Best World Music album 2014"
winner "Best World Music track 2015"

“A rarely successful unification of African and European music. Fantastic!” - Abdoullaye Diallo, Art. Dir. Jazz à Ouagadougou

"You killed the audience!" - Victor Kye, Programmer Jarasum Int. Jazz Festival, S. Korea

"A perfect slice of afro-funk!"
"Superb, superb, superb."
"Guaranteed to light up the more discernible Afro-Tinged dance floors."
"Sensational sounds - 10of10"
“Best merger of deep funk sharpness with Nigerian styles in recent years” - dusty groove . com

article submitted by:Michael Blicher,