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My name is Marcos Souza, promotion department director of La Central Digital ( that is the largest independent content aggregator in Spain, with a Multi-Content (music and audiovisual) and Multi-Format (for the various Business Models on Internet and Mobile) offer, providing online distribution services to production companies, record labels and self-producers, for their catalogues to be commercialized and promoted on the largest and best Digital Stores on the Net, and Mobile.

In this year we released important albums by Diego el Cigala, Jarabe de Palo, El Pele, Dyango, Las Melli, Meddy Gerville, Carlinhos Brown, Daniela Mercury and many others.

La Central Digital (LCD) is an organization created by sDae, Sociedad Digital de Autores y Editores, ( belonging to the SGAE Group (, the Spanish Rights Society.

I will be attending at WOMEX 2007 from 30/10 to 31/10 - sometimes at the Sound from Spain Booth number is:
1-H.04-07, I.04-07, J.04-07

I would like to invite you for a meeting. In case you would like to meet me please feel free to suggest the most suitable time and date, by replying to

All the best,
Marcos SOUZA

Dpto. Promoción / Promotion Department
Abdón Terradas, 4 - 28015 Madrid, ESPAÑA
T.: +34 911 214 430 - Ext. 4445
M.: +34 638195472 |

article submitted by:Marcos Souza, La Central Digital - sDae