[SIC] and Specific Electric

THE CENTER CANNOT HOLD is a continuously envolving political film presented as “Live Cinema”, the performance of audiovisual narratives as live mixing events. Includes references and samples of many works, old and new, some whole, some remixed, all recombinant in a new narrative synthesis - Live Cinema. The project is designed as traveling performance in continuing development, where all performance dates are considered opportunities to study and absorb culture-specific narratives and memes info its envolving narrative.

Information, music, samples animation and video merge in an audiovisual design formulated as international pastiche language. The focus: to reveal obscured truths, to present alternative paths towards our collective future.

The project’s features first recorded mix, performed in Madrid, October 23, 2004, at the 9th Annual “La Paz y La Guerra” [Peace and War] Festival. Artists’ works appearing in this version: Saul Williams, DJ Spooky, Shepard Fairey, [sic], PanOptic, Daniel Perlin, The Barnstormers, Sharif Ezzat, William
Blaze, Simon Reynolds, [esc].

[SIC] and Specific Electric


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