David Mayorgas

director / booker

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  • Label Mektoub


After 6 Years since 2002 creating JASPIR & JASPIR PROD, (Events/Management/booking) I became a bag packer for 6 years to discover the world and to get other point of views about the life until 2014 !

Now I decided to mix all my experiences in the " LABEL MEKTOUB " wich means: "destiny"...

So with Label mektoub we manage, product and book artists who our destiny is link with...
And now, our path is called " SAHAD AND THE NATAAL PATCHWORK " and bring us to AFRO-BEAT JAZZ of senegal !

We also organize many events in the south of france, as different festival and children shows season.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2017

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