Amelia Lafferrière

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  • WOMEX 2001


As from 1984 I worked in Music Publicity and short after this I started working in developement of artists, projects and record labels. During the 90s I was involved in bigger productions were I worked with artists like David Byrne, Peter Gabriel and Carlos Santana. Then I came back to the developement work as from 1997, working in rock labels (like Todos Tus Muertos Discos) as in world music labels (like Acqua Records) that at that time arrived to an agreement with Luaka Bop. As from 2001 through 2006 I worked in artist developement focusing in the career of
Chango Spasiuk,in Argentina, Europe, Brazil and the United States.During this period Chango won the BBC World Music Awards as best newcomer artist and released an album through Piranha Records. He toured Europe,Brazil and the United States.
Currently I am working back in developement of the career of two young but experienced artists, Nuñez con Ruiz Guiñazú promoting now their record Tiera de Agua and Franco Luciani with his Acuarelas de Bolsillo.


1988 Producer of Valladares Experience Rock artists sing Bagualas with Valley Artists

Records and Concerts of Grito en el Cielo.With artists such as Gustavo Ceratti, Fito Paez, Fabiana Cantilo, Pedro Aznar, Leon Gieco, Gustavo Santaolalla, and others.

1989-1990 Teacher of Seminaries on Latin American Music and Cultures for artists and Managers at the Latin-American Workshop, New York.

1990-1992 Consultant and Press Manager of David Byrne in Latin-America. (REi Momo Tour)

1990-1993 Consultant of Peter Gabriel in Tours performed in Chile and Brazil. (1990 and 1993)(Amnesty Tours and Brazil Us Tour.

1993 Consultant and Artist Relation Manager for the concerts of Carlos Santana in Velez Stadium, Reggae Festivals at Velez Stadium etc.

1994 co producer of David Byrne tour to Argentina. (visiting Buenos Aires, Rosario and Cordoba).

Producer of the event “David Byrne” on the wall,wxhibition of art work,photography, films and videos of this artist. At Centro Cultural Recoleta.

1995-2000 Producer of of Music Concerts, Tours and Festivals in Buenos Aires and inside Argentina in all the main cities.National Development of Artists in the Argentine Market including rock,jazz and the particular folk that is considerated world music.

1995-2001 Organizer Photography Exhibitions and Workshops in Argentina.

2001-2006 Development of new markets .World Music Market in Europe.and Brazil / Jaaz Market,Europe and Brazil.

COUNTRIES VISITED WHILE WORKING(last period 2001 through 2006)

Latin-America: Brasil (–Salvador Bahía, Río de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre.

Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Mainly Music Festival and Cultural Events and Cultural Markets with foreign and argentine artists)

Europe: Spain,(Festivals at Cartagena,Pirineos Sur, Barcelona, Madrid) France, (Paris, Festival d Arles, Festival Dardeche) Germany,(Festivals Rudolstadt, Bardentreffen at Nurnberg, Moritzburg Jazz Festival, Wolsfburg Summerbhune), Kulturufer, in Friedischaffen,concerts at Bremen, Berlin, Kholn, Frankfurt etc) Belgium,(Festivals at Brussels), Netherlands,(Amsterdam Roots Festival, Rasa in Utrecht etc.) Portugal(Festivals at Porto and Lisboa) and England. (London Jazz Festival), BBC World Music Awards Festival in Newcastle,Womad Festival at Reading,etc), Austria, Viena, OrF Festival, Accordion Festival, Slovenia (Festival at Ljubliana), Italy, Latinoamericando at Milano.

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts,Argentine Music Festival (2002)

Same as before.

Record Labels with which I worked developing artists: Sony Bmg (World Music)/Emi for S Jazz, DBN (for Rock)/Aqua Records.(Jazz and World Music)

Amelia Lafferrière

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