Ana Morales
Ana morales
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ana morales en el tablao

If we speak about Ana Morales we’ll be talking about elegance and tradition, magic and sense of effort and passion; and also about the compromise with the artistic reality of everyone.

After being introduced and rised on dance and “el baile” in the Catalonian capital, she moved to Seville to continue with their artistic training. She learns from the Masters like Rafael Campallo, Alejandro Granados, Eva “la Hierbabuena”, Isabel Bayón and Andres Marin, before she made her professional debut in "La Maestranza" in Seville under the direction of Antonio "el Pipa" with the show "Puntales", presented at the Bienal of Sevilla in 2000.

Soon after that, she joins the Andalusian Dance Company touring for 4 years making her artistic contributions on several theaters and different shows. She has also worked on many choreographies by Eva “La Hierbabuena”, Alejandro Granados and Rafael Campallo. She has participated in the show by Jose Antonio Ruiz "Picasso Paisajes", danced in "Cosas de payos" by Javier Latorre, in "Bodas de Sangre" by Antonio Gades, and once again with Jose Antonio Ruiz in "La Leyenda" as well as at the tribute dedicated to the figure of Dalí. And her ascensions continues: festivals at Spain, Japan and abroad, and incursions into the film world,as well as in the Andrés Marin’s Dance Company representing "Asimetría” until 2007 when she was requested as the soloist dancer for the show "Meridiana" by Javier Baron, participating in the Festival of Jerez, Mont Marsan and theaters of Madrid and Seville. Take a breath.

At the Seville’s Bienal 2008 she has presented as a soloist dancer the work by Amador Rojas called “KalóCaló ", a work inspired by the tragic / disturbing / singular / harrowing (my favorite!) Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s life. In this same framework she danced under the direction of Juan Dolores Caballero "el Chino" in the show “Tiempo Pasado”; deserved harvests and successful shows that keep on molding the artistic personality of this great dancer.