Worldtrack 2010 in Denmark

Fatma Zidan

Fatma Zidan Group

winner of Danish Music Award
best world track 2010 !
the song ; ”Ana Kol”
from the latest CD “Hawel”

Lineup :
Fatma Zidan : vocal
Lars Bo Kujahn : qanun,tabla,guitar
Bilal Irshed : Oud
Adam Ørvad : Accodion
Paulo Villegas : drums
Martin Krogh : bass

Fatma Zidans music is a unique mix of lovesongs with experiences from longing to love of your homeland.
After moving to Denmark with her roots intact, Fatma Zidan here proves
that we now live in a globalized world, where the borders between nations and cultures in general, are getting more and more invisible.

This CD is dedicated to love between all humanity – whether they come from a village in the south of Egypt – or from a subverb of Copenhagen

In 2008 Fatma also won the same price for best worldtrack in Denmark with her song “Yoma”…

Booking/contact : +45-20217089

article submitted by:Lars Bo Kujahn, Oriental Mood Production