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LED Artists represents world music, jazz, contemporary classical and new music, dance and experimental performance arts.

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  • phone: +1 347 678 46 86
  • eMail: email to LED Artists public contact

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  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2009
  • WOMEX 2008

company description

LED Artists represents world music, jazz, contemporary classical and new music, dance and experimental performance arts in the North American market and worldwide.

We focus on sacred music, virtuosic, artful, cutting edge fusions of world music, classical and jazz. We promote new music, experimental, genre bending works, and dance and visual performance artists.

LED Artists has several cultural initiatives through which we seek to raise money for tour subsidies for our artist, supply artist project grants, production grants, and promote cross cultural discourse through the arts.

We are currently scouting for artists to fulfill these initiatives for touring in the US.Please contact Laura at led@ledartists.net

LED Cultural Initiatives:

Artists for Cross Cultural Exchange:
Artists for Cross Cultural Exchange is a global cultural arts exchange initiative which seeks to foster cross cultural dialogues through the arts with a deep appreciation and respect for our diversity and many points of view, broadening our understanding and appreciation for each other, promoting peaceful coexistence and a wider global cultural understanding through the arts. The project seeks to contribute to the discourse of the global monoculture that is emerging with the goal of promoting respect for diversity and cultural roots.

The Americas Arts Exchange:
The Americas Arts Exchange fosters artistic exchange, collaboration and cultural dialogue between North, Central and South America. These communities are increasingly connected culturally, economically, politically and environmentally. The project supports artistic exchange and celebrates all that we have to share in the Americas and with the world.

Sacred Music and Inter-religious Dialogue:
Sacred Music and Inter-religious Dialogue is a project initiative that seeks to promote programming of sacred music in tandem with lectures and inter-religious dialogue sessions, seeking to broaden our understanding of faith and promote inter-religious dialogue, cooperation and understanding.

New Music and Experimental Works:
This initiative funds experimental and cutting edge artists and projects that are not traditionally well funded and supported in more mainstream arts programming.

International Jazz:
International Jazz raises money to subsidize tours for international jazz artists in the US and promote the careers of American jazz artists abroad.

Classical Revival:
Classical Revival seeks to bring classical music to the lives of audiences not currently engaged in classical music. We seek to promote the rediscovery of classical through modern composition, exciting global classical fusions and new musical technology.




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