Horacio Molina


One can say that Horacio Molina's career began in
1961 when his friends Sergio Mihanovich and the
López Ruiz brothers, Oscar and Jorge, introduced
him to the artistic director of the RCA studios,
Víctor Buchino.

Although Molina had been dedicated to music since
he was a child, this encounter enabled him to
produce his first records. He met with an immediate
success among audience and specialized criticists
as well.

At that time Nicolás Mancera presented him in his
broadcast "Sábados Circulares". He also introduced
him in another program of his, "La Noche", where
Molina shared the show with Astor Piazzolla, Eladia
Blázquez and Egle Martín, among others.

From that time, Horacio Molina began to tour
Argentina and South-American countries. In 1965,
he quitted the RCA label and signed in CBS's
catalogue. He released there five records,
distributed in the whole South-America and in the

In Buenos Aires, Horacio Molina played for the
audience of theatres such as El Odeón, De La Cova,
El Globo and so on, and in café-concerts such as La
Fusa, La Botica del Angel, etc. He was invited in
1970 by Vinicius de Moraes to sing in Mar del Plata
and in Punta del Este with Chico Buarque, María
Creuza, Toquinhio, Naná and Dorival Caymmi.

In 1975 Horacio Molina threw himself into Tango,
which was his ancient love. Outstanding artists
joined him for this new step in his discography :
Antonio Agri, Quicho Díaz, Suárres Paz and Walter
Ríos, conducted by the master Oscar Cardozo
Ocampo. It is worth noticing that Cardozo Ocampo
has become since a very important reference point
in Molina's path in life, sharing with him unique
musical activities.

Horacio Molina went away and settled in France in
1978. In little time, he released a record there,
accompanied by Juan José Mosalini on bandoneon
and by Ciro Pérez, from Uruguay, on guitar.

Paris, Nantes, Montpelliers, Lille, Marseille, Lyon are
some of the towns where he performed. In the
French capital, accompanied by Walter Ríos on
bandoneon, he played in the théâtre Bobino, in La
Gaîté Montparnasse and in the Trottoir de Buenos
Aires. At the same time, Eve Griliquez invited him
on several occasions to participate in her radio
program broadcast on France Culture with Daniel

From 1985 onwards, once back in Buenos Aires,
Horacio Molina played in the Teatro San Martín, in
the Avear, and also in the Clásica y Moderna, in the
Casona del Teatro, in the AB Hall of the Centro
Cultural San Martín and in the Centro Cultural
Borges. Moreover he performed in the most
significant places in the rest of Argentina, as, for
instance, in the Teatro Coliseo Podestá in La Plata
or in the Teatro del Libertador in Córdoba.

Horacio Molina keeps on his permanent activity in
Argentina and in Europe as well. He has already
released more than two hundred tracks during his
long career. Besides, he has composed and written
the lyrics of more than thirty songs, some of them
having been created with Eladia Bláquez, Carlos
Barocela or Teresa Parodi.

Few years ago, he won the Trimarg prize, awarded
by the Argentinean Counsel of Music, in association
with the UNESCO. Recently, he was elected
unanimously to the Academia Nacional del Tango,
whose President is Horacio Ferrer.