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Áron Szilágyi is the board member of the International Jew's Harp Society, the headorganizer of the Hungarian Jew's Harp Festivals and member of the program committee ofthe International Jew's Harp Congress. He is the director of the Musical InstrumentsMuseum of Leskowsky, the one of a kind institute in Hungary. Áron performs the Jew's harp as solo artist, plays in and manages bands Zoord and various music projects, he gives workshops worldwide and organizes world-music festivals, events.

Short story long...

Áron Szilágyi was born in 1977 as the first son of Zoltán Szilágyi, the only one Jew's harpmaker in Hungary.

He could play the instrument, when he was three but started to take it seriously at the age of 16. Since 1997 Áron has been an active member of the international Jew's harp movement and has been a regular guest of the international festivals. At these festivals he was deeply inspired by the different styles and playing techniques of the other virtuoso players. He got a deep inspiration by the spiritual JH music of the Yakut Spiridon Shishigin and the Swiss extravaganza Anton Bruhin.

Since 1998 Áron has been part of all the International Jew's harp Festivals and Congresses. He was the head organizer of the 6th International Jew's harp festival in Kecskemét. Since 1999 he has been an active promoter and producer of fusional world-music. He created the first electronic world music band in Hungary, Navrang. In 2006 he created the unique sounding Jew's harp-beatbox-didgeridoo trio, Airtist, that has become known worldwide. In 2015 he created the band Zoord, that blends traditional Hungarian music with powerful, trance Jew's harp grooves. This project is also touring in three continents. Áron has a good connection to festival organizers, culture diplomats, event producers in many countries. His unique modern, dynamic but colourful playing style that blends and respects the ancestors legacy has brought thousands of people close to the Jew's harp. His playing can be heared on more than 30 albums, he contributed in theatre pieces, composed music for ballet, played in mega-shows in arenas and can be frequently seen in different TV programmes. He also made three solo albums so far. His mini festival in December, Global Vibes, has become the annual "official" Jew's harp celebration in Hungary and some foreigners, too.

Besides managing the Musical Instrument Museum, running music projects Áron runs an online Jew's harp shop, writes a Jew's harp blog, gives presentations in schools, creates tutorial videos.

Áron Szilágyi is devoted to the Jew's harp and the Jew's harp movement. He believes that this instrument brings more harmony and peace in people's life, therefore more people should play it, know about it. All his seemingly diverse activities aim to this goal.


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