Martha Mavroidi

Line up

  • Giorgos Ventouris (Bass)
  • Martha Mavroidi  (Lafta, saz, voice)
  • Stratis Psaradellis (Lyra)
  • Vagelis Karipis (Percussion)
  • country:
  • style(s):
    • Balkan
    • Jazz
  • label:
    WE SAW Productions
  • type:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:

Martha Mavroidi is a singer, lutist and composer from Greece.
Her critically acclaimed debut album "The Garden of Rila" established her as a first class folk musician and singer of the new generation, as well as an accomplished composer and orchestrator.

Martha's extraordinary voice combines the Greek and Middle Eastern ornaments and microtonal subtleties, with the rich colors of Bulgarian singing. Her dazzling technique on the lafta and the saz, is often compared to the skills of master musicians of both folk and jazz origin. In March 2013 she featured in the cover of fRoots magazine as "Balkan music's rising star".

Her second album, "Portaki", features the Martha Mavroidi Trio, with which she has toured in Sweden, Spain, France, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece, and has performed at Womex Globalkan Scene in 2012. Martha also performs folk music from Greece with her acoustic quartet.

Constantly working on new projects, performing with different music ensembles and composing for films and dance shows, she keeps developing her versatile musical personality through a multiplicity of influences. Her music is often described as an amalgamation of Balkan and jazz music elements. She is currently recording a solo album, using a loop station to create multi-part harmonies with just her voice.
Martha is the artistic director of Tinos World Music Festival.


Martha Mavroidi


Martha Mavroidi (credits: Anastasia Deligianni)Martha Mavroidi (credits: Anastasia Deligianni)Martha Mavroidi (credits: Anastasia Deligianni)


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The Garden of Rila


Ivan's Rachenitsa








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