Yiorgos Kaloudis

Line up

  • Yiannis Skandamis (Sound engineer)
  • Yiorgos Kaloudis (Cello, lyra, looper)
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    • Instrumental
    • Contemporary
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A unique composer, cellist & lyra performer, Yiorgos Kaloudis, by using his personal techniques and different timbres of the instruments, he produces an elegant environment in a particularly atmospheric ambience with Jazz, Classical & World music elements. Influenced by his Cretan background, he has introduced the 4-string Cretan lyra to his performances and recordings, bringing to it his technical understanding of the cello, as well as the innovative addition of a fourth string, the low C of the cello. His personal discography consists of his debut solo album Truth, released on February 2005 by DNA Label Records, followed by the second one entitled On the wind, released on September 2009, with the kind support of the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation.
Kaloudis’s new album J.S. Bach’s Suites for Solo Cello performed on the 4-string Cretan Lyra will shortly be released, in a World Premiere Recording.


Yiorgos Kaloudis


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