New Tide Orquesta NEW ALBUM!

New Album!
New Tide Orquesta, photo by Miki Anagrius

On the 24th of October the new album HOW TO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN will be released!!!

Meet Livet Nord and MTA Production at Womex!
Stand 6.43-6.47!

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To change the name of a band that have existed for 16
years, toured all over the world and (soon) released six
albums, is probably not a very good idea. But, that’s the
case! And on October 24, the new album How To Climb
A Mountain is released, an album about meeting at the
top and realize that the hardship was worth it. Or, about
choosing the steep path instead of the pedestrian street.
Suddenly, the tango suit was too tight. Or to be honest, the
tango suit has been hanging in the closet for a while now, the
rose in the buttonhole have slowly faded and the shoes are
not so shiny anymore. But NTO have found new clothes and
now the minimalism and the simplicity takes even more space.
As mosaic, one can say, a landscape of tones, which can only
be seen clearly when you watch it from a distance. When the
team-work works while climbing through the clouds, facing the
overwhelming view, and the cold that only a moment ago was
biting is suddenly chilling, when taking the time to stretch one’s
back and just enjoy for a while. There they are now, NTO, with
a new name and highland-air in their lungs.

The composer Per Störby has written loads of music for film,
TV and theatre, recently for the biggest theatre in Sweden,
Stockholms City Theatre. Now he’s leading NTO, by gentle
hands, to a more refined, somewhat distinct, yet emotional
expression. When the material was finished in June, they
rigged the microphones between paint buckets and easels in
an art school by the sea in Bohuslän/Sweden. NTO stayed
there for a week, far away from everything. “Play this patterns
over and over til lunch. It will be good, I promise!” Then lunch
by the ocean, evaluation, and more recordings. Later on, in
the evening: Long talks about everything under the sun that
never sets. 16 years for a band is a long time, but NTO is still
a motley crew. The personalities makes big impressions in
the music and in that way the minimalism on How To Climb A
Mountain becomes a thick forest of expressions and styles in
micro format.

How to climb a mountain is the sequel of Vesper (2009), NTO’s
fifth album, which were awarded in the category “experiment”
at the Swedish Grammy-like Manifest gala, and which also led
to the “Group Of The Year” award on the Swedish folk- and
world music gala. Vesper has been spread all over the world
and now lives a life of its own; at the moment one can hear
a track from Vesper in the multi award-winning documentary
Searching For Sugar Man, and when Scotland-based Maja
Borg in November is having the premiere of her movie Future
My Love, the main part of the soundtrack is from the very same

article submitted by:Livet Nord, Livet Nord Kulturproduktion