Elkin Robinsonofficial WOMEX 17 showcase

Line up

  • Carlos Robinson (Shala) (Chorus 2 and Jam Block)
  • Elkin Robinson (Lead voice and Guitar)
  • Felipe Salazar (Acoustic Electric Guitar)
  • Jonathan Withaker (Tub (Tináfono))
  • Jorge Hyman (Kepe) (Chorus 1 and Shakers)
  • Senen Rivera (Jaw Bone)
  • country:
  • region:
  • style(s):
    • Calypso
    • Mento
  • label:
    Llorona Records (Colombia)
  • type:
  • gender:
  • instrumentation:
    singer songwriter
  • artist submitted by:

Caribbean Folk From Old Providence Island [CO]

Elkin Robinson is a musician and songwriter born in Providence (Colombia). His music is the evolution of the folklore of the region, which highlights traditional elements like mentó and calypso, executed on typical instruments like tinafono (Tub-tub making role of a bass), the horse jaw and maracas; recreated with new airs, rhythms and colors.

This proposal highlights the musical culture, people, language (Creole), and cuisine of Providence Island, with lyrics that convey a positive message. For those who have the pleasure of listening to his songs, Robinson creates an experience that bring this beautiful little paradise closer to the rest of the world.

Elkin Robinson has taken his music and creole vibration to the most important venues and festivals in Colombia and his band has been selected to showcase in the country´s most respected music expos such as Circulart and Boom among others. July 2016 saw his first international tour including dates at the Wasser-musik Festival in Berlin, Jamaica, Canada, Honduras and Guatemala.

Elkin´s new record *Sun a Shine* released in 2017, produced by Richard Blair (Sidestepper), is fueled with enchanting and powerful lyrics that further captures the essence of the original sound of the caribbean digging into the sailor folk and gospel that shaped the islanders music.

Elkin´s music has emerged to be the new face of the caribbean folk and calypso.

Llorona Records

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  • Elkin Robinson

    type:WOMEX 17 Showcase

Elkin Robinson


Elkin Robinson - Official ShowCase Womex 2017Elkin Robinson Band - Photo by Fela Photography Elkin Robison - Photo by Fela Photography


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Creole Vibration


Sun a Shine




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