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Mama Produções Artísticas Ltda. was founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 1998 to produce and promote the Italian/Brazilian singer Mafalda Minnozzi

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I'm Marco Bisconti, concert promoter and producer and general manager of MAMA Produções Artísticas, an independent record company in Brazil.

Our main artist is Mafalda Minnozzi, a great Italian singer living since 1996 in Brazil where created her unique world music style mixing Brazilian and Italian folk music and rhythms with a modern, original touch.

We've just released our latest production, a DVD/CD named "Mafalda Minnozzi - Live in Italia".
The concert was recorded in an historical theatre in Italy, where the singer Mafalda Minnozzi performed with a band of musicians from Brazil, Usa and Italy.

Her new concert entitled "Musical Ark" accompanies the promotion of the DVD "Mafalda Minnozzi - Live in Italia" in countries where the DVD is released.

Cultural integration is the key word of the show: the 'Ark' is the ideal space in which the Italian interpreter blends folklore and the rhythms of Brazil and Italy to create a unique, modern and original "world music" .

We are looking forward to meeting you at WOMEX 2010 to give more information about the artist Mafalda Minnozzi, her show "Musical Ark" and the DVD/CD "Mafalda Minnozzi - Live in Italia".

We will be at BM&A (Brazilian Music & Arts) stand.

For any further information access our oficial site: (Portuguese & Italian)

Best Regards
Marco Bisconti

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