Mames Babegenush at WOMEX'16

Mames Babegenush

Nordic modern klezmerband Mames Babegenush is attending WOMEX'16, stand 2.26. Come and say hi!

Latest self-entitled album was received well by international critics and marks the start of the Danish bands international career.
The sextet will be releasing a live album in the beginning of 2017

Past concerts include: Carnegie Hall, Paradiso, Chicago World Music Festival and Roskilde Festival.


“It is truly a feast for the hungry klezmer fan. Expanding the boundaries of traditional Jewish music.”
– Tom Newell, Songlines

“Mames Babegenush is melding the vital, vibrant heart of the klezmer - it’s imaginative, moving and brassily abrupt.”
– John Pheby, fROOTS

“Mames Babegenush forges an organic sound with the momentum of life. The band pushes the perimeter of klezmer to incorporate many cultures, all fragrant with fecund growth and potential. This is joyous music even when it is not.”
– C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

article submitted by:Lukas Rande, Mames Babegenush