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We work with argentinien artists. Strategy, development, communication, production, national and international booking.

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  • WOMEX 2004
  • WOMEX 2003

company description

We work with argentinien artists. Strategy, development, communication, production, national and international booking.

We are concentrated in tango and ethnic music.

Mariana Baraj: The Argentinian, singer and percussionist Mariana Baraj, has managed to generate a very special mixture between exquisit Argentinian folk, sponteneous jazz and improvisation, the rythmic exploration, and some elements of the nowadays classical music.Thanks to the deeds of the most representative composers of the Argentinian folk (Cuchi Leguizamon, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Ramón Ayala, among others) and Leda Valladares’s compilations, the band generates a new and fresh world of sounds becoming the new angle in the life of the Argentinian popular music.

She played in Mercado Cultural de Bahía 2003, and was selected for the Strictly Mundial 2004.
She played in Rudolstadt 2005, Festival de percussion of Catalunya 2007.

Puente Celeste: is a music band originated in 1997, in Buenos Aires, that performs both instrumental and vocal music.Its original proposal, cosmopolitan and yet profoundly Argentinean, combines in a natural way elements from the most different kinds of music around the globe, original themes and melodies, instruments from many cultures, solos and group improvisations, poetry, energy and sensitivity, complexity but also simplicity.

Based on the broad education of its members, all of them multi-instrumentalists, Puente Celeste explores exquisite sound combinations towards compositions of great melodic and rhythmic value, also leaving space for instrumental dialogue, where the personality and virtuosity of the musicians are displayed.Puente Celeste’s musical influences come all the way from Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe and, of course, America. From Argentinean folklore and tango to jazz and XX century’s classical music. Old and contemporary music throughout out the world. From composers like Stravinsky, Messiaen, Miles Davis, Hermeto Pascoal or Ralph Towner, to millenary melodies by unknown authors.





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