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ZELI - José Ricardo de Barros e Silva – is a musician, counterbass player, composer and teacher, graduated by Faculdade Santa Marcelina and is specialized in Higher Education Methodology.
He studied arrangement with Roberto Sion and Claudio Leal Ferreira, and counterbass with Acelino Matias and John Clayton Jr.
In 1993, he participated in the Jazz Workshop in Banff-Canada, where he played with Chucho Valdez, Don Tompson, Pat la Barbera, among others.
In 2002, he launched the solo CD Voando Baixo by Lua Discos label, being well-eulogized by the specialized critic.
He integrates the Brazilian instrumental music group Terra Brasil, with whom he made presentations in jazz international festivals and night clubs (Colonia and Wittlich-Germany, Copenhagen-Denmark, New York and Rochester-EUA ) and the entire Brazil. The group has five authorial works recorded - Terra de Ninguém- 1992, Tudo Bem- 1995, Mestiço- 1998 and Atlântico - 2003 and Questão de tempo - 2005.
As bass player, he acted and continues acting in works of Badi Assad, Cida Moreira, Rosa Passos, Renato Motha, Chico Saraiva, Nuno Mindelis, Renato Consorte, Carlinhos Antunes, João Parayba, Renato Anesi, Edgar Scandurra, Tutti Baê, Zé Luis Mazzioti, Fabio Torres, Hector Costita, among others.
He was invited to participate in projects with Banda Sinfônica Jovem (Rei Artur Viagem ao centro da Terra and Paulistana) and played in the Opera Brasil 500 anos of Millôr Fernandes with music of Toquinho and arrangements of Wagner Tiso.
He is teacher holder of electric bass, group practice and FAAM Repertory [FMU] and of Faculdade Santa Marcelina. He taught from 1992 to 1998 at Fundação das Artes de São Caetano do Sul.


"Em Movimento" - Zeli