Khadija El Bennaoui

international medias consultant


An intercultural manager, consultant and activist, Khadija El Bennaoui made her first steps as an actress in Moroccan university theatre before working with local and French cultural organizations in Morocco. She travelled to France to pursue studies in cultural policies and practices in Europe and worked as a freelance consultant for organizations active in Africa and the Arab world such as AMI (Aides Aux Musiques Innovatrices), the European Cultural Foundation, Roberto Cimetta Fund and Information and research Center at King Hussein Foundation.

Since 2005, El Bennaoui is the Coordinator of Art Moves Africa (AMA), the first independent pan-African Fund dedicated to the mobility of artists and cultural operators living and working in Africa. She also works with the Young Arab Theater Fund (YATF) on strategic information and networking in the Arab world and on the international festival Meeting Points.

She works as consultant on international communication with prestigious world music festivals in Morocco such as Timitar in Agadir and Mawazine in Rabat. She has been selected to be part of expert’s team for the program to support cultural industries in Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, a program established by the European Commission and the ACP Group of States.

El Bennaoui is currently conducting a feasibility study, in collaboration with Nicky du Plessis, cultural expert based in South Africa, for the establishment of an African Fund for Arts and Culture. The study is commissioned by the Arterial network.

Born and raised in Agadir, El Bennaoui speaks Tachelhit (mother tongue), Arabic and its dialects, French, English and intermediate Spanish. She earned her first B.A in classical and modern Arabic studies and literature. Earned her second B.A in cultural animation. Graduated in cultural projects management with Marcel Hicter Foundation from Brussels.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2008