Officina Zoé

Officina Zoé


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  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Ethnic, Taranta
  • label:AnimaMundi -
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Marsab Music Management

Line up

  • Cinzia Marzo (Voice, flutes and percussion)
  • Donatello Pisanello:  (diatonic accordeon, guitar and mandola)
  • Giorgio Doveri (violin and mandola)
  • Lamberto Probo (tamburin, percussion and voice)
  • Luigi Panico (guitar and harmonica)
  • Silvia Gallone (tamburine and voicer)


In the deepest south of Italy, there is an area called Salento where tamborines play a very ancient rhythm named Pizzica. This is the music that, until 1960's, was used to heal Taranta's (a venomous spider) bite. Still today, the population plays and dances Pizzica during the village festival. This music has charmed and communicated to all the people who, passing through this country. In fact, the meeting with Pizzica has ever left indifferent, because the persistent crescendo of tambourines' beats goes straight to heart. Hearing and dancing Pizzica one could disclose unknown aspects of the self and summon all extraordinary natural energy. A millenary deposited energy, that is "reopened" during the performance.

OFFICINA ZOE' was born in '93 and is now one of the driving forces behind the revival movement of Salento which has brought to the international forefront the traditional music. The first album, TERRA, self- produced in 1997 and reissued in 2005 by the label Anima Mundi, has become a model followed by many younger groups. The success is also due to close collaboration with director Edoardo Winspeare Salento, in whose films the musicians appear as actors and authors of soundtracks: Pizzicata (1996), Sangue vivo (2000) and Il miracolo (2003). The ensemble has released eight albums and has participated in important festivals such as Womex (Germany), Sounds of the Dolomites (Italy), Voix des Femmes (Belgium), Festival dei Popoli (Italy), and held several tour in the US, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Argentina, Australia, Aegypt, France, etc.