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Martin Lubenov's Jazzta Prasta

Rückertgasse 6/4
1160 Vienna

Martin Lubenov - accordion
Angel Demirev - guitar
Mihail Ivanov - bass

Manager: Lana Janjanin

WOMEX STAND: 1.131, 1.132, 1.133, 1.134, 1.14

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participating in

  • WOMEX 2015

company description

Jasta prasta" is a Bulgarian slang word that means something like "tohubohu". Behind this self-ironic title conceals an infernal Balkan jazz trio. Founded already back in 2004, the project always covered the jazz twist of Martin Lubenov’s joy of playing and experimentation.

Well, and now in 2015, Lubenov re-launched “Jazzta Prasta”. And together with Angel Demirev and Misho Ivanov, he trimmed it down to a trio that packs a punch: Lubenov raises his proven recipe - virtuosity, witty playfulness, lightness and flamboyance - with breath-taking loops to new heights. Anyhow, it hardly ever happens that this upbeat music eases their listener’s last fears of foreign ethnic traditions and, allegedly over intellectual jazz.

The current repertoire of “Jazzta Prasta” is entirely made up of Lubenov’s compositions, creating a sparkling kaleidoscope of styles: Bulgarian, Turkish, Serbian and Roma traditions, innovative harmonies and scales of jazz, musette & Manouche (Gypsy Swing) flutter around each other like butterflies. And in some tracks the melody instruments are even abused for unbridled percussion sessions.



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