Canadian Connections Fair & Concerts

Maria Dunn, Ron Korb, Myrol

  • event type:Trade Fair
  • date:02 Feb 2007 - 04 Feb 2007
  • city/area:Arnhem
  • venue:Eusebius Church
  • country:Netherlands
  • event submitted by:Mc-Ent Management

Canadian Connections Fair, at the moment the only
consumer fair in Europe that focuses exclusively on
Canada. During this fair the guest can truly
experience the Canadian feeling by literally and
metaphorically speaking tasting a bit of Canada.
This fair can only be a success if it is not limited.
Specially the total of tourism, culture, food and
beverages, live music performances by Canadian
musicians and artists in the Eusebius Church as
well as in the area, books, gift shop, lectures,
workshops, decoration and hospitality provides the
guest with an experience.

date: 2007.02.02 - 2007.02.04