Abir Nasraoui

Abir Nasraoui


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  • country:Tunisia
  • style(s):Fusion, Tango
  • label:Institut Du Monde Arabe
  • type:Band
  • artist submitted by:Med Fusion Management


This is the story of an original encounter on more than one a plan: of two cultures, of two musical styles, of two continents.

She : With a classical trained, performer distinguished of great classic songs of Arabic music, Abir Nasraoui enriches constantly the rhythms and melodies of his musical culture with her many artistic collaborations. Author and gifted singer, she weaves on the most prestigious stages a subtle universe, nuanced, at the crossroads between Arabic songs and world music, intimate witness of a double influence, that is constantly feeds by a passion always confirmed for the song.

Him: Juan Carlos Carrasco, from a family of musicians, create in 1983, « Carrasco » H « quartet », musical Group that try to restore, to the tango, the taste of modernity without altering his classical, sensual and Latino-American appearance. While appropriating the legacy of big names such as Astor Piazzolla , the band headed by Juan Carlos Carrasco tends to prolong the tango influences beyond Argentina and Latin America, s ‘thus establishing as one of the essential references in Paris from the late 80s.

With their two different routes but also innovative, one than the other, the duo Abir Nasraoui and Juan Carlos Carrasco, broth culture alone, gives to the meet of their diverse universe all its originality. It is more than a mix of genres but an alchemy between two deeply passionate music. Revisiting the famous Arab songs inspired from the tango, the two artists revive the typical ceremonial performances of Buenos Aires, a Show singing and dancing where a couple of dancers embody, through the dialogue of these two bodies, their move both graceful and violent, the wild passion of the tango, while emphasizing its universality.