Ochchek Ettarab

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Ochchek Ettarab an arabic connotation which means The Lovers Of Tarab . The Tarab in Arabic, refers to the poetic and musical emotion, using a wide range of feelings, from more internalized to the most violent. In the North africain countries, especially Maghrebin countries the Tarab is simply "The Malouf". The group's name says it all about his vocation, its history and its talented musicians. The group's history dates back more than six years when FIRAS ARBI, outstanding violinist ranked among the best nationally, in cooperation with BASSEM TRABELSI, exceptional flute player, have agreed on the idea of create a group that brings together young virtuosos musicians, who devote their musical research to dust off the Tunisian Malouf or wider Arab-Andalusian music. Ghassen Ben Halima, great musician, great lute player could join the group bringing a great asset with his talent both theoretical (First place of the diplome of arabic music) and practical (winner of the best young Arab lute in Damascus) . Musicians Ochchek Ettarab insist that the traditional style of play is kept with Zokra the bendir the znawezs, the darbuka with the calf leather ....


Ochchek Ettarab



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