Terry Callier


‘Life Lessons: The Very Best Of Terry Callier’
Label: Demon
Release date: September 11th, 2006

The visionary singer-songwriter and original folk-
soul hero Mr Terry Callier enjoys a career
retrospective with Demon’s ‘Life Lessons: The Very
Best Of Terry Callier’, a glorious celebration of the
man’s output that is imprinted across four decades.
Callier, who’s recent live and studio work with
Massive Attack has been one of the Summer’s
highlights, remains a truly inspiring artist and this
collection unearths some new undiscovered
recordings that enthral and move with every repeat

Callier fans will be happy to discover the inclusion
of three demos recorded in ’69 that include an
incredible version of ‘Alley Wind Song’, plus the
club classic‘I Don’t Want To See Myself (Without
You)’ the full length masterpiece of ‘Dancing Girl’,
the quiet rage of ‘Darker Than A Shadow’ from
2002, the majestic ‘Look At Me Now’ & ‘If I Could
Make You (Change Your Mind’), a hauntingly
beautiful live version of ‘What Colour Is Love’ and
timeless highlights ‘Lazarus Man’ and ‘Ordinary Joe’
here in it’s stunning original demo form.

Callier’s career path has remained true to his
output – a story of triumph against firmly stacked
odds. Born in Chicago 1945, Callier grew up
singing doo-wop alongside fellow Chicago legends
Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler. In 1962-63, he
signed his first contract recording with Chess and
released the single ‘Look At Me Now’ which was
followed up his debut album ‘The New Folk Sound’
recorded in ’65 but not released until ’69 because
the producer went AWOl. Three brilliant, but low
selling albums on Cadet followed, and Terry ended
the decade with two for the Elektra label – ‘Fire On
Ice’ from 1978 featuring one of his truly greatest
compositions ‘African Violet’ – and ‘79’s ‘Turned
You To Love’. Callier had also penned one of the
‘70s finest soul cuts The Dells’ ‘The Love We Had
Stays On My Mind’ and yet despite possessing such
formidable talent, found himself in 1980 without
money, or a record deal or a future in music.
Having won custody of his only daughter, Callier
decided to quit the music business in favour of earn
a living as a computer programmer for the
University Of Chicago.

The soul and jazz scenes of the late 80s/early 90s
saw a new generation of both musicians and fans
discovering Terry’s music, their demand summoned
him from retirement. A legendary appearance at the
100 Club reaffirmed the man’s craft, it was the
reawakening of Terry Callier. This reawakening was
never better documented than when in 1998 Terry
released his album ‘Timepiece’. He’d recorded it
whilst still working at Chicago University
unbeknown to his colleagues. They only found out
when Terry attended a ceremony in New York where
he was presented with the United Nations Time for
Peace award for outstanding artist achievement
contributing to world peace. Amazingly his
employers welcomed him back to the University
with the order to clear his desk! A blessing in
disguise for Callier returned to his native music and
since then, has continued to record as both solo
artist and guest including collaborations with Paul
Weller, Beth Orton, Zero 7, David Crosby and 4
Hero. Callier is currently writing a new album with
Massive Attack and is undertaking a number of

‘Life Lessons’ is a 24 track compilation that shows
why the music and voice of Terry Callier is held in
such high esteem. To be recognised alongside
Marvin Gaye, Fred Neil, Richie Havens, Curtis
Mayfield and Tim Hardin.

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‘Life Lessons: – The Very Best of Terry Callier’
Demon Records
Release Date: September 11th, 2006


CD1 – MCDLX032 CD2 – MCDLX032
1. Spin, Spin, Spin 1. I Don’t Want To
See Myself (Without You)
2. 900 Miles 2. If I Could Make
You (Change Your Mind)
3. Look At Me Now 3. Lazarus Man
4. I’m A Drifter 4. No More Blues
5. Be My Woman (Live) 5. Monuments Of
6. Ordinary Joe (demo) 6. Darker Than A
7. Can’t Catch the Trane (demo) 7. Sierra Leone
8. Alley Wind Song (demo) 8. Jazz, My
Rhythm & Blues
9. You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman 9. Midnight
10. Dancing Girl 10. What Colour Is
Love (Live)
11. African Violet (Live) 11. Step Into The
Light (Live)
12. Big City (Live) 12. People Get
Ready (Live)