Mendez, Hugo

Sofrito is a collective of DJs, producers and artists that combine a love for Tropical rhythms with a firm basis in modern club culture.

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Rooted in the legendary Tropical Warehouse Parties in East London, Sofrito mixes up percussive sounds from across the tropics with modern productions and exclusive dubplate specials, bridging the gap between eras and continents to produce a unique and intense sound that has seen them play at clubs and festivals around the world.

Sofrito continues in the grand tradition of the original "Discotheque" DJs and sound systems of the '70s - weaving disparate musical strands together into a serious workout that both reflects and celebrates the many influences that make up the heritage of dance music and club culture.

Sofrito's all-encompassing approach takes in both DJ sets and Sound System performances as well as the highly influential Sofrito Super Singles label, far-reaching compilations on Strut records and a popular podcast series showcasing the breadth and depth of the Sofrito sound.



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  • WOMEX 2012


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