Reunited after 20 years, the now 78 year young accordion player Bitori takes to the international stage to share the forbidden music of Cape Verde: the exhilarating, refined yet raw, infectious dance music ‘Funana’.
When iconic singer and composer Chando Graciosa invited Bitori and bass player Danilo Tavares to record a funana album in Rotterdam during the early ’90, they couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have still in the 21st century.

Prompted by the rerelease of the album ‘Bitori nha Bibinha’ on renowned record label Analog Africa in Sept ’16, founder Samy Ben Redjeb reached out to the old crew to create a live band
once more.
Now complemented by the veteran Toy Paris on drums and on percussion, multi instrumentalist Miroca Paris (12 years with Cesaria Evora). Throughout summer 2016 the band has already wowed audiences, made them dance and according to DJBroadcast — “Bitori left the LIMA t ent [4000 pax at Lowlands festival] speechless”.