El Ombligo
  • country:Colombia
  • style(s):Cumbia, Jazz
  • label:Metiola Records
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:jazz combo
  • artist submitted by:Metiola Productions


The Colombian bass player, Santiago Botero gave the name of El Ombligo (Spanish for navel) to a musical endeavor that playfully explores the subtle relationships within Cumbia and Vallenato music, old school jazz and free improvisation. The conducting thread in this exercise is a thorough research into possibilities that emerge by experimenting with the legacy of Andrés Landero, the all time king of “Cumbia San Jacintera”.

El Ombligo both deconstructs the rhythmic universe of Landero, traversing the music of Ornette Coleman, John Zorn’s Masada Quartet, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Jaime Llano Gonzalez (Colombia’s all time virtuoso organist) to a significant portion of Bogota’s vibrant jazz and new tropical music scene. These elements were immortalized in El Ombligo’s latest recording “Canción Psicotrópica y Jaleo Vol. 2”.