Vaudou Game

Line up

  • Guilhem Parguel (trombone, percussion, backing vocals)
  • Hafid Zouaoui (drums, backing vocals)
  • Jérôme Bartolome (saxophone, percussion, backing vocals)
  • Peter Solo (lead vocals, electric guitar)
  • Simon Bacroix (electric bass, backing vocals)
  • Vicente Fritis (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals)


Singer and guitarist Peter Solo was born in Aného-Glidji, Togo, the homeland of the Guin tribe and a major centre of Voodoo culture. He was raised with that tradition’s values of respect for all forms of life and the environment, a spiritual heritage he now celebrates with his band, Vaudou Game. Chanting and percussion are at the heart of Voodoo practice, the voices using different harmony-laden scales for select purposes. Solo uses these scales as the basis for his innovative compositions, adapting the sung harmonies and densely interwoven rhythms for contemporary instruments, conjuring up slabs of raw funk drawing on classic 70s Afro-Soul and thick, trance-like grooves evoking a more spiritual ambience. Solo formed the band in 2012 in Lyon, France, introducing them to Voodoo values and teaching them to sing in the Mina language.