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We help to make music fans/professionals discover original and innovative music, and we protect the rights of our composers in France and abroad.

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  • phone: +33 1 45 79 73 93
  • eMail: email to Métisse Music public contact

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  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2013
  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2011
  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2009
  • WOMEX 2008
  • WOMEX 2007
  • WOMEX 2006
  • WOMEX 2005
  • WOMEX 2004
  • WOMEX 2003
  • WOMEX 2002
  • WOMEX 2001

company description

In order to be productive, we try to be involved as early as possible in the careers of our authors and composers, proposing compositions to other artists, to record companies, agents, film and documentary producers and ad companies, and to promoting the recorded music with the local media and with our contacts abroad. We work closely with our local collection society and make sure that the copyrights are correctly registered and that the royalties are collected. We have also built a worldwide network of independent partners that take care of those of the artists and catalogues represented by Metisse Music across Europe and beyond.


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