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mica will present "fair music" at the WOMEX!
Date: friday, october 26th
Place: Sala Mezquita
Time: 17.00 - 18.30

fair music
fair music is the first global initiative for fairness and justice in the music business.
Initiated by mica – music austria, fair music stands up for the establishment of fair rules and regulations in the music world: protection of artistic freedom, well-balanced contracts for musicians, fair remuneration for composers and musicians, as well as a fair distribution of opportunities for smaller producers worldwide and especially for musicians of the Global South and considerably strengthening the position of artists and listeners. fair music adopts the idea and empirical knowledge of the Fair Trade Organisations and takes it to the world of cultural goods and services. It is committed to the development of standards of fairness for the music industry. To reach these aims, together with the International Music Council (IMC – an international NGO in formal associate relations with UNESCO) and music and cultural NGOs, the initiative will be developing standards music products and distribution channels must meet in order to receive a fair music seal of approval. The online platform www.fairmusic.net offers both the latest information and an opportunity to join the initiative.

article submitted by:Peter Rantasa, Music Austria