Luiz Gustavo Murakami

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  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014

Luiz Murá is a singer-songwriter-composer born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Released in 2008 thanks for the award of "Prêmios Estilos Música" of "Secretaria de Cultura do Estado de São Paulo" his debut album "Juquehy" that means "singin sands" in Tupi-Guarani. Since then played all over the world including Brazil, United States, Spain, Sweden, Austria and Denmark. In 2012 Released in Europe his second album "Murá & Unit" together with the swedish band "Unit".

Since 2013 formed the group MiraMundo in Barcelona that plays music from all over the world. They've toured around many countries including Spain, Sweden, Austria, Italy and Slovakia.

Collaborated musically with many artists like Maria Gadú,

Thais Bonizzi, Ublado Versolato, Luiz Guello, Sylvinho Mazzuca, Sebastian Notini, Faela, Ricardo Vogt and Gustav Lundgren.

Luiz Gustavo Murakami

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