João Afonso
Sangue Bom
João Afonso


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  • country:Mozambique
  • label:Producciones Mirmidón
  • type:Quintet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Mirmidón Productions

Line up

  • António Pinto y Miguel Fevereiro (Guitar and voice)
  • João Afonso (Guitar and voice)
  • João Ferreira (Percussion and drums)
  • Miguel Fevereiro (Guitar and voice)
  • Vitor Milhanas (Bass and productor)


Born in Mozambique in 1965, João Afonso is one of the leading Portuguese singer-songwriters of today.
His extensive discography began with the Maio Maio Maduro (1994) project, in collaboration with José Mário Branco and Amélia Muge, work with which he won the prestigious José Afonso.
Later, Missangas (1997), his first solo album and for which he received the Blitz Award for Best National Male Voice, immortalizing big issues like A Carteiro em bike and Machamba.
Boat was followed voador (1999), Zanzibar (2002) and Outra (2006), the latter, and with musical direction and arrangements by João Lucas. Union of singer and pianist, comes a round vocábulo (2009), a more intimate work, addressing the poetic and musical work of Zeca Afonso, his uncle.
He has also collaborated with leading artists of national and international scene, as Julio Pereira, Luis Pastor, Uxía, Mestisay, Filipa Pais, Pedro Guerra, Pablo Milanes and Quinta do Bill, among others.
In 2014 publishes the work Sangue bom, produced by Vitor Milhanas with music by João Afonso and poems by Mia Couto and José Eduardo Agualusa. Album with many collaborations, including Stewart Sukuma and Costa Neto of Mozambique, Aline Frazão and Mario Rui de Angola, Quine Teles, Antonio Pinto, Miguel Fevereiro, João Lucas (Portugal), Fred Martins of Brazil, Kepa Junkera the Basque Country and Anxo Pintos de Galicia, among many others.
At the end of 2014 João Afonso digitally reedited Sangue bom with 4 unreleased tracks.