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  • country:France
  • style(s):Folk
  • label:Producciones Mirmidón
  • type:Trio
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion
  • artist submitted by:Mirmidón Productions

Line up

  • Jean Michel Bereau (percussion, voice)
  • Thierry Biscary (percussion, voice)
  • Xan Errotabehere (percussion, voice)


Certainly a most singular disc for world music or folk fans seeking something completely
Audiophile audition. 05/05/2011
The range of indigenous basque music on this CD is amazing, with echoes of everything
from Renaissance chansons and madrigals to Balkan polyphony and even South
American folk music. (…) An essential addition to any connoisseur's world-music library,
Kalakan is a treasure.
Option. Till Tilland. 27/05/2011
The disc fairly bounces along, though there are quieter moments, like the prayer-like
« Haurtxo ttipia », which shimmer beautifully.
Songlines. Jan Fairley. October 2011
« It is a wonderful surprise to find Basque influence, language, music, even Basque bérets
and dancing steps in her show and of course Kalakan as the messenger. »
Experience Authentique. 4/06/2012
« Ahhh this was a nice surprise! I completely forgot the song was on the setlist. Classic!
And I LOOOOOVED the mash-up with Sagarra Jo ! And she really knows the lyrics ! This
sounds really good live, and Kalakan are great - Madonna then introduces them to the
audience »
Fan blog. Concert of Milan. 14/06/2012
« Kalakan Trio, the Basque trad squad, whom Madonna stumbled upon during her family
holiday in the Basque country, was introduced during Open Your Heart, and the trio's
haunting musicality left a lasting impression of music being sung and played on a higher
ground. »
Bangkokpost. 20/07/2012
Madonna then segued 'Open Your Heart' with the track 'Sagarra Jo' by Basque group
Kalakan, which she explained meant "smashing discrimination, making judgement or any
form of hatred, pain or chaos that we surround ourselves with, or find ourselves
surrounded with". She urged the crowd not to "take anybody's shit" based on their religion
or sexual preference, saying, "the next time somebody tries to stop you from doing what
you believe in, from being who you are or from being what you are, just say to them,
'Sagarra Jo motherfucker !'"
NME.com 20/07/2012
Basque vocal trio Kalakan played a prominent role in proceedings, but really came into
their own on a percussive reworking of Open Your Heart, which incorporated their own
song Sagarra Jo. Refreshing and intriguing though this was, it was something of a relief to
witness Vogue in its familiar pose-striking glory.
The Scotsman. 23/07/2012
A cool segment was a gypsy-style version of "Open Your Heart to Me," with Madonna
backed by the Kalakan Basque Trio and with a contingent of dancers that included her
12-year-old son Rocco.
Timesleader.com 31/08/2012
The reworking of “Open Your Heart” with the Basque trio Kalakan as a sort of traditional
European folk song, built only on drums and vocal harmonies, was pure joy
Newsday.com 31/08/2012
The Basque vocalists of the Kalakan Trio resurface for a wonderfully re-imagined ‘Open
Your Heart’, the 80s gem getting a sparkling, almost acoustic make-over. It grows into a
rollicking highlight, building up to a rousing percussion-driven chance for the dancers (and
her son Rocco) to step up their high-kicks a few more impressive notches. There is healing
here, especially after that deliciously brutal start – healing and joy – and this turning point
is one of almost spiritual transcendence.
Alanilagan.com 10/09/2012
The most impressive reinvention was “Open Your Heart,” which she performed with the
Basque group Kalakan that included excerpts from Kalakan’s “Sagarra jo!”
Press of Atlantic City. 16/09/2012
A jubilant « Open your heart » enriched by the tribal tones and basque sophistication of the
Kalakan trio
Orange county register. 11/10/2012
Another favorite of mine was "Open Your Heart" with Kalakan.
The Cleveland leader. 12/11/2012
The stripped, lovely “Masterpiece,” performed with Basque trio Kalakan, was a highlight of
the tour de pomp
Access Atlanta. 19/11/2012