La Musgaña
La Musgaña
Si supiera que cantando...


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  • country:Spain
  • style(s):Folk
  • label:Producciones Mirmidón
  • type:Quintet
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Mirmidón Productions

Line up

  • Beceiro, Carlos (Electric bass and bouzouki)
  • De la Aldea, Marta (Voice)
  • Muñoz, Jaime (Travesera and three-hole flute, diatonic accordion)
  • Rubio, Sebastián (Drums and percussion)
  • Toledo, Antonio (Guitar and lute)


La Musgaña was founded in 1986 by Enrique Almendros, José María Climent, Rafael Martín, Jaime Muñoz and Carlos Beceiro with the intention of forming a folk group focused in the traditional music from the “Meseta”.
With their debut album, “El diablo cojuelo”, they won the 1st Prize in Contemporary Folk of the National Exhibition for Young Performers in 1988, held in Santiago de Compostela. With this award, they have the opportunity of recording their second album, “El paso de la Estantigua”, sealed by the Spanish National Radio in 1989.
Their third studio album, “Lubicán”, published in 1993 with Xenophile-Green-Linnet label, was their first release in North America, which began to give them international recognition. That same year, two of the founder members, Climent and Martín, leave the group, been later replaced by Cuco Pérez and Luis Delgado.
The fourth album, “Las Seis Tentaciones”, was released in 1995, again with Green-Linnet record label. This time, the formation is reduced to four members: Almendros, Beceiro, Muñoz and Delgado, and Kepa Junkera appears as a guest artist.
In 1997 they record their first live album, simply entitled "En Concierto". It is published by the label Resistencia and recorded at two concerts held in Baracaldo and Madrid on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the band, with the collaboration of former members of the group as well as renowned artists of the folk scene, such as Amancio Prada, Kepa Junkera, Radio Tarifa, Manuel Luna, Johnny Cunningham, Javier Paxariño.
After six years without recording, but with an intense activity of projects and concerts, most notably their collaboration with the Iberian Dance Company, a new album comes in 2003, "Temas Profanos", which has been considerd by the criticis the most "elaborate, detailed and exciting" work of their career. Pubished in Lubicán Records, a label created by the group itself, they have again the collaboration of several guest artists, such as the singer Carmen París and the
renowned ethnographer, folklorist and musician Joaquín Díaz. In August 2004, Enrique Almendros, leaves the stage for health reasons and two new musicians join the group, Diego Galaz with the violin and e Jorge Arribas with the accordion. La Musgaña resumes again their international activity at the end of 2006 with performances in the United States, Italy and France.
Two years later, in 2008, they released their latest album to date, "20",
a compilation album which reviewed their repertoire after 20 years of musical career.
In 2009, they published the album "Idas y Venidas" and in 2013, "Entre dos", their last release to date.