Album front 'A Road Less Traveled"


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  • country:Netherlands
  • region:Middle East
  • style(s):World, Contemporary
  • label:Kululush Records
  • type:Composer/Songwriter, Quartet
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist submitted by:Ml-Music Services

Line up

  • Bela Horvat (Violin & Mandola)
  • Dàniel Mester (Clarinet)
  • David Golek (Guitar)
  • Oleg Fateev (Bayan)


TILTAN will be represented at Womex 2016 by Laurian Zwart (mobile: +31 618 956 204 - laurian.zwart@upcmail.nl)
Stand -1.02, -1.03, -1.05 to -1.08 World Music Forum NL

‘TILTAN’ in the Hebrew language means ‘a Clover’, which is a symbol of good fortune.
Tiltan's music is composed and arranged by guitarist David Golek.
Born to Polish father and a French-Algerian mother, growing up in Europe, South America & Israel, speaking several languages, studying and being exposed to different sorts of music, traditions, religions, war conflicts, created a determination for a musical and spiritual search. A search for unity and creating bridges between cultures.
This music is result, one may say, of all these life experiences. Each and every song has a story, and the music flows through a range of landscapes and emotions.

Fragment from the press {full (inter)national reviews on the website}:
This CD from the music group Tiltan is a enlightening example of how global musical styles can blend together... organic, imaginative & warmblooded music full of fantasy....The music of Tiltan breathes utter freedom and universal humanity. A soothing answer to the upcoming xenophobia that is currently expanding in Europe. (Het Parool)

The music itself could be described as a mixture of folklore, contemporary composition, jazz and improvisation, with influences from the Middle East, South America, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Jewish music.
The musicians who join this journey are exceptional and enrich its outcome with their own cultural identities; this results in a fresh and colourful variation of music, difficult to identify as a specific genre, leaving a wide open window for your imagination.

Tiltan's CD 'A Road Less Traveled’, alongside live performances, has been well received by the press and received excellent critique. The album itself has been voted amongst the best 20 CD's of the year 2014, and was chosen as one of the 5 best World-music CD's of the year 2014 by 'Het Parool' (NL).

style: World / Folk / Chamber / Improvisation