Moni Lazariston Festival

Moni Lazariston Festival is a multicultural festival, mainly focused on music, that takes place every summer in Thessaloniki.

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Moni Lazariston Festival is the biggest and most popular event in Thessaloniki during the summer. Surrounded by historical landmarks, which were established by the Catholic monks of Saint Vincent in 1886 and survived through two World Wars, the festival returns every year, since 1999, to offer a combination of the past and present, of sound and image and many more artistic-oriented inspirations, representing the epitome of the cultural activities in the city.

Each year, Moni Lazariston Festival invites a wide range of artists, who perform in front of a variety of audiences. Internationally acclaimed artists have performed in our venue with ultimate success, helping in the establishment of the festival. Furthermore, traditional and world music is supported and promoted, a fact that is highlighted by the annual performances of the best artists in the Greek and the Balkan music industry. Thirteen years of experience in organizing a long-term festival with a great number of participants, can guarantee our expertise and professionalism.

Throughout these years, we have built a reputation that keeps growing every summer. Therefore, our level of responsibility is driving us to go beyond our limits. With great respect towards the audience and the artists, our team is composed of highly skilled professionals, and the open-air events are organized in the best possible way. You can visit our website in order to find useful information and footage about past and future events, as well as our personal details in order to contact us.


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